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This agreement is made by and between Cherilyn Lang hereinafter referred to as “Breeder” and

___________________________________________________________________________________ hereinafter referred to as “Buyer” for the purchase of the below named puppy.

Buyer has purchased a (sex)______________ (color)__________________________

French Bulldog called ____________________ hereinafter referred to as the “Puppy”

for the purchase price of $_______________ With Shipping cost of ______________

shipped or delivered to ____________________________________________ (location)

Payment was made via:_______________________________ on date(s)________________________

The Puppy will be current on vaccinations and worming prior to their departure. All puppies have been recently examined by a licensed veterinarian and will have received a health certificate prior to their travel. Because of this thorough veterinary examination Breeder gives the Buyer a 7 day health guarantee covering contagious illness and a one year guarantee for life threatening congenital disorders.

Buyer is responsible to make an appointment with a licensed Veterinarian, prior to the Puppy’s arrival to have said Puppy examined (at Buyers cost). This exam must take place within 3 business days of Puppy’s arrival for the guarantee(s) to be valid. If the Puppy is found to have a contagious illness within 7 days or if the Puppy dies within the guarantee time period, the Buyer must notify Breeder within 48 hours with the following information: Date Puppy was examined; Name, address and phone number of the licensed Veterinarian who examined the Puppy; The diagnosis and all medical records; Necropsy REQUIRED if death has occurred. Additionally a signed statement from Buyer releasing Puppy’s medical records to Breeder must also be included. Breeder will have their veterinarian review approve the diagnosis prior to the return or replacement of the Puppy. If a return is necessary Buyer is responsible to make the arrangements to return Puppy back to the breeder (at Buyers cost) with the requested vet information and all registration paperwork. Breeder will replace the Puppy with one of the same value when one becomes available for up to eighteen months. The replacement puppy may be from a different litter at a latter date or from different parents. Replacement is the only option, we do not give cash refunds. Shipping costs are non-refundable and are always the responsibility of the Buyer.

DO NOT allow your new puppy to be around strangers or unvaccinated dogs, sidewalks, veterinary floors, grass areas or anywhere that other dogs have been until after ALL puppy vaccinations are completed at 16 weeks of age. The Puppy’s immune system is not fully functional and the Puppy is not fully protected from life threatening illness until ALL vaccinations and boosters are complete.

Because of the nature of a live animal Breeder cannot control the environmental exposure of the Puppy after it leaves the care of the Breeder. There is no guarantee against the Puppy’s exposure and/or contraction of puppy diseases such as Kennel cough, parvo & distemper etc. The Puppy was healthy when it left Breeder’s care, therefore, if your puppy is diagnosed with an illness after our 7 day guarantee it the Buyer’s responsibility as a pet owner to care for the Puppy.

Breeder intends that the Buyer will provide the Puppy a permanent home. Breeder will provide applicable registration papers for Puppy. Breeder relinquishes breeding rights to Buyer.

Because of the age at which puppies leave Breeder’s care and the nature of live animals, they are subject to environmental influences beyond Breeder’s control. There is no guarantee of color, size, breeding, show quality or temperament of the Puppy. There is no guarantee against, hypoglycemia, luxating patellas, cherry eye, dry eye, elongated soft palate, stenotic nares, inverted tail, demodectic mange, herniation (inguinal or umbilical), broken bones, allergies, un-descended testicles, bite, parasites or any condition that is treatable and not life threatening.

Do not put your puppy on high places including furniture where it may fall and injure itself. Even a sofa can be dangerous to a young puppy. Watch small children who may handle your puppy. Puppies can be seriously injured or killed if dropped or over-handled. French Bulldogs are sensitive to temperatures, especially heat. Never leave your puppy unattended in any area that is not climate controlled. French Bulldogs quickly overheat in high temperatures. Treat the Puppy just as an infant child. Make sure the Puppy is eating and drinking regularly.

Should the Buyer change their mind for any reason about the purchase of the Puppy or is no longer able to care for the Puppy at any time, Buyer will not receive a replacement puppy or a refund. However, please contact Breeder for assistance to locate a suitable new home for the Puppy. Remember the Puppy is a baby and will need proper care, training and discipline as it grows up. Seek out local training classes or clubs to help you teach your puppy to be a good canine citizen.

Breeder has provided the following information to the Buyer: registration application, vaccination & worming records, vet health certificate.

This Puppy is being sold with ____________________ registration Papers


FROM THAT DATE: Guarantee begins ________________

Special Notes: ________________________________________________________________________

BREEDER SIGNATURE:______________________________________________

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